Community Support

Medical Emergency Assistance

To assist Tyonek Native Corporation (TNC) Shareholders and descendants and Native Village of Tyonek (NVT) Tribal Members in need of food and incidentals during an Medical Emergency situation. That causes them to travel from their hometown to Anchorage, AK or outside the State of Alaska.

Medical Emergency Definitions:
Medical Emergency when an escort is requested to travel with a patient to Anchorage or Out of State, away from their hometown; during unexpected accidents; not for regular follow-up appointments.

Required Documents:
A written letter from the patient’s doctor with the following information:
1. How long will the escort be with the patient
2. Date & Location of the situation: i.e. Anchorage or Out-of-state.
3. Letter from a Family Advocate: What will the hospital provide? Housing? Airfare? Food?
4. If the duration is extended by a doctor the applicant can work with TF Management for more assistance.

Allowance from the Medical Emergency Assistance Program:
Tebughna Foundation will purchase a $250 cash card to distribute to approved applicants.

For more information please contact:

Application: Community & Cultural Donations Form