Award Policy and Process

The mission of Tebughna Foundation (TF) is to preserve and perpetuate the Tebughna Dena’ina traditions for the benefit of Tyonek shareholders and the Native Village of Tyonek by funding cultural enhancements and educational opportunities.

Tebughna Foundation (TF) supports the education and career development of eligible original enrollees of Tyonek Native Corporation (TNC) and their direct lineal descendants or Native Village of Tyonek (NVT) Tribal Members through post-secondary scholarships and grants.  Individuals with inherited or gifted shares do not qualify as original enrollees, but may be eligible if they are a lineal descendant.

If your application is not complete you will be notified to complete your application.

Award Policy and Process

ll applications are considered for the appropriate funding categories based on information provided in an application.  During the selection process, applications are scored and ranked based on the following criteria:

1. The application is complete and received by the deadline.
2. Grade Point Average (GPA) achievement.
3. Amount of Attempted Credits.
4. Financial need.

The Tebughna Foundation’s Education Committee makes award selections and all decisions are final.  Funded students are sent an award letter that contains the award terms and the responsibilities of the recipient, no awards are released over the phone.  It is essential that award recipients read and understand the terms of their financial aid.

Award recipients are required to complete all courses and credits for which they are funded and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale.  In general, enrollment changes that are made within the add/drop period at your institution are permissible.  However, schedule changes made after the add/drop period that reduce the overall credit load may result in probation.  There is no penalty for completing more credits or classes than those listed on your application.  Students in a probationary situation could result in a lower scholarship amount. 

Award checks are sent directly to the financial aid office at the institution specified on your application.  Students are sent a copy of the disbursement letter that accompanies the award check.  To avoid unnecessary delay in the receipt of your financial aid, please provide accurate payment information on your application.

Scholarship and grant recipients must submit final official grade transcripts or certificates upon the completion of each semester/term of funding.  Proof of completion must be received before any additional funds will be released or future applications can be considered.

An applicant is permitted to receive only one (1) award at a time and no more than two (2) general semester scholarship awards per academic year or the maximum amount of grant funding in a calendar year. Additional awards in a single academic require an additional application.