Meet our Pulltab Team

Lisa Olrun

My name is Lisa Olrun, I’m the manager of Tebughna Pulltabs. I’ve been working here for 10 years, manager for 5 yrs. I enjoy working for Tebughna Foundation knowing I’m helping our people. I like working with the public, our customers are great, I have the best crew. 

I am Natasha, a pulltab dealer at Tebughna Pulltabs. I’ve worked here for nearly 9 years! I like working at Tebughna Pulltabs because of the organization that it donates to and the customers, some have become our regulars. Also, memories are made going live on Facebook for our monthly drawings.

My name is Alexia Ayuluk, I am from Chefornak, Alaska. I’m both Yupik/Cupik. I love working with Tebughna Pull tabs because I love the diversity and range of my customers, I began here in February of 2023, and within this short time, I have begun to love my peers, superiors, and overall, the community and people. Not having much of any experience, the feedback I hear from my customers and superiors, always tickles my heart in the best way.