Cultural Assistance

Community & Cultural Donations Guidelines

All requests must include
Contact Information
Organization: Funds can only be distributed to Organizations.
Project Title
Date(s) of Event
Date Funds Needed
Purpose of the event
Deadline:  February 1, April 1, June 1, August 1, October 1, November 1.

FYI from the TF Management

  1. Donations solely intended for NVT and TNC tribal & non-profit group programs or activities which directly involve or benefit the community as a whole (no individual requests will be considered).
  2. Incomplete Applications are to be returned.
  3. Applications will be reviewed at a Regular Tebughna Foundation Board of Directors meeting, held bi-monthly.

The Awardees’

  1. Project must benefit the TNC Shareholders or NVT Tribal Members and Community as a whole.
  2. Project must be a Community or Cultural Event.
  3. When writing The Purpose – Consider how the event(s) benefit the community or members involved; how it can grow to benefit Tyonek; if this is annual event how do you plan to make it self-sufficient. List how you are accomplishing all fundraising for your event. How will you advertise or thank Tebughna Foundation for its Sponsorship?
  4. Donations funded at a maximum of $500.00, when funds are available.
  5. All unused funds are to be returned to Tebughna Foundation.
  6. Funds awarded must be used for the purpose indicated.
  7. Reports, receipts & related documentation and photos of the event(s) are to be delivered to the Foundation within 30 days after the event, and may be used in newsletters, the website or other TF Publications.

Application: Community & Cultural Donations Form