Community Development

Housing Program

In July of 2023, a small team from the University of Florida's College of Design and Construction embarked on a journey to Tyonek. Their mission: to assess the handful of abandoned houses in Tyonek and determine if renovation is realistic and practical. The team examined each abandoned house; jotted down notes, measured walls, and took pictures of these houses. The team surveyed the buildings with hopes of transforming these aging structures into energy-efficient homes. Amidst the assessments, the team found moments of connection with some of the local community. Some villagers stopped in to share stories and tales of old dog sled teams and trapping for furs. At the end of their trip, the team departed back to Florida, and now we anticipate their reports. We hope to have good follow-up discussions on how the Native Village of Tyonek and Tebughna Foundation will proceed with their assessments.