Our Board of Directors

Donald Standifer Sr. – President

Don is a co-founder of Tebughna Foundation and is currently retired after 25+ years in the construction industry. He loves the social aspect of working on the Tebughna Foundation Board, helping to improve the lives and opportunities for shareholders and tribal members. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and subsistence activities that carry on Tebughna tradition.


Elizabeth Standifer – Vice-President

Elizabeth currently works as an accountant for the Native Village of Tyonek, and has worked in many positions in the village, Tyonek Native Corporation, the Tebughna Foundation, Native Youth Olympics for Tebughna School, and Boys and Girls Club in Tyonek. Watching the foundation grow and give back to the community is an incredible experience for her, as she was one of the first employees hired and helped create the scholarship program we still use today. Elizabeth enjoys family time, fishing and distributing fish for her family, and road-tripping with her children. In addition she loves crafting and beadwork and volunteering to help coach the NYO Tebughna team.

Rodney McCord – Secretary/Treasurer

Rodney recently received Rural Human Services Certification and hopes to work in peer-support and counseling. Currently, he works by helping residents of Tyonek shop in Anchorage. He loves being on the Tebughna Foundation Board to help find ways to improve services and opportunities for shareholders and tribal members. He enjoys fundraising, cultural events, craft fairs, learning about business and finance, and watching football.

Cassandra Kroto – Director

Cassandra is a Tyonek resident and works as the Health Director for the Native Village of Tyonek – Indian Creek Health Department, and she sits upon various committees and boards. She loves that Tebughna Foundation has grown and slowly spreading its wings as it continues to support and assist our shareholders and community, it inspires her to see how TF has helped so many of our shareholders and tribal members through education, events and workshops. Cassandra enjoys listening to music, four-wheeler/snowmachine/truck riding, hunting, fishing, and being with family and friends.


Betty Jean Valka – Director

Betty currently works as Receptionist at Kron Associates. She is tremendously happy that Tebughna Foundation has been established, initially in the educational field. Through diligence, the foundation has expanded in terms of staffing and opportunities. We boast many success stories, and encourage our Tebughna to contribute to that success. Betty enjoys spending time her family and grandkids, subsistence activities, trying new recipes, going to church, and continually learning.