Educational Services

To Preserve & Perpetuate the Tebughna Dena'ina Traditions Through Education

Educational Services Overview

The Tebughna Foundation is a private foundation established in 2007 by Tyonek Native Corporation (TNC) Board of Directors. The mission of The Tebughna Foundation to preserve and perpetuate the Tebughna Dena’ina traditions for the benefit of TNC shareholders and the Native Village of Tyonek tribal members by funding cultural enhancement projects and educational opportunities.

The major goal of The Tebughna Foundation is to encourage the education and career development of the Foundation’s beneficiaries through post-secondary scholarships and grants.

The Tebughna Foundation has been supporting educational dreams since 2007. With generous donations from Tyonek Native Corporation, grants from our partner organizations, fundraising and personal donations, The Tebughna Foundation has been able to contribute those funds to the Alaska Native beneficiaries of Tyonek to participate in post-secondary education. Additional funds have been granted through the Tebughna Foundation toward other non-profit organization projects that further the goals of the Foundation by serving our people.

The Tebughna Foundation currently offers funding for post-secondary education through scholarships and vocational training grants. Scholarship application deadlines are June 1 and December 1 of the calendar year while Vocational Training Grant application deadlines are due 30 days prior to the applicant’s program start date.

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