Community Development

Bringing Our Community Together Through Culture

Community Development Overview

Tebughna Foundation is proud to offer a multitude of programs to benefit TNC shareholders and NVT Tribal citizens.

Solar and Housing Programs

These programs are the latest additions to Tebughna Foundation’s community development. The solar program is developing several solar photovoltaic arrays and battery energy storage systems within Tyonek. The housing program, in collaboration with NVT’s housing department, is seeking to renovate the abandoned homes in Tyonek.

Community and Cultural Donations

This program is for funding community events that promote traditional values and activities. This program is solely intended for TNC shareholders and NVT Tribal citizens.

Emergency Medical Assistance

This program will assist families in the event of an emergency medical situation. Food, lodging, or transportation costs incurred by the patient or their family during medical treatment are eligible to be funded. This program is not intended to assist with non-emergency or regular scheduled medical appointments.

Funeral Potlatch

This program is to help our people who are grieving by providing funding for their loved one’s funeral potlatch.