Dena'ina Qenaga

Tebughna Ch'ilan


Tebughna Foundation is proud to offer Dena’ina languages classes. If you would like to learn more about the language program or get involved in learning, email or call 907-646-3115.

Community Classes:

Community classes are sessions that range 6-10 weeks. The groups meet once a week for 40 minutes. They get access to the Powerpoint which have video and voice recordings so they can also practice on their own time. All ages and levels are welcome.

Tebughna School

There are three Dena’ina language classes per week at Tebughna School, located in Tyonek. There are two classes for elementary students, and one for middle school students. They are 40 minutes each. There are two semesters per year, Fall and Spring.

Want to learn some Dena’ina qenaga? Check us out on Youtube!