Community Development

Solar Program

Harnessing renewable energy aligns with the traditional Dena’ina Athabascan value of stewarding and honoring the land.

Tebughna Foundation’s solar program was founded to accomplish the energy goals of the NVT 10-Year Strategic Plan, which states “Pursue renewable energy options… to lower our electric bills.” Tebughna Foundation, with support from College and Community Partnership Program, Thriving Earth Exchange and the Environmental Defense Fund, published the NVT Alternative Energy Report, which concluded that a solar farm would be the most viable renewable energy source.

The solar program has identified four focus areas:

  • Install a 25 kW solar array at the Tyonek tribal center;
  • Install solar-assisted heat pumps in Tribally-owned residential buildings in Tyonek;
  • Facilitate the design of a utility-scale community solar independent power producer, a.k.a. “the solar farm”;
  • Prepare the local workforce to work in the renewable energy industry by providing vocational scholarships.

Tebughna Foundation and the community we serve foresee a bright and sustainable future for Tyonek. Join us in realizing this vision; your support will illuminate the path to a sustainable and empowered Tyonek. Donate today and be a vital part of the Tebughna Foundation’s solar program, shaping a resilient tomorrow for our community.

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