TF Scholarship Awardee – Joshua Kerstein

Good luck to Joshua Kerstein who was awarded a scholarship from TF. 

“My career and educational goals are directly related with one another. My immediate educational goal is to achieve a 3.5 GPA or higher in the pre-nursing program, at Southern Oregon University. A second educational goal is to complete a vocational training and become a certified nurse assistant. This license will allow me to receive valuable experience, as well as a fair wage, while I attend college. After accomplishing these specific academic goals, it is my intention to not only be accepted into the nursing program, but to graduate with honors. Once I have completed the program and passed the national examination, I will be a registered nurse.

Becoming a registered nurse is a huge accomplishment, but it is also a stepping stone to become a nurse practitioner. I am not certain, but I may or may not go into the workforce as a registered nurse directly after graduation. I may decide to continue my education and pursue a masters degree of nursing science, amd become a nurse practitioner. I am very passionate about serving others and have already had mild work experience in the healthcare industry. Another primary career goal of mine is to specialize in pediatrics. I have always enjoyed working with children. Once in practice, it is exciting to imagine the amount of people I will be able to support towards greater health and happiness. To my understanding, there is a substantial demand for nurses in the state of Alaska. My ultimate career goal is to start my own private practice. In doing so, I would open a specialty pediatric clinic. This has the potential of having a profound impact on our native community. For now, am taking it one small goal at a time, while keeping the bigger picture in mind. Again, thank you for your time, and I am looking forward to bringing these goals to life.”

Warm regards,
Joshua Kerstein

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