I feel it appropriate to start this update with one of my favorite quotes from Sitting Bull,

“Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children” 

It makes a difference in my life and in the work I do to know that Tebughna truly want to see this foundation succeed. I am extending a big Chiqinik to all who have congratulated, prayed for me and with me in this new position and season in my life. Also, since I began here, (all of two months) many people have stepped up and volunteered many hours to see that the Tebughna Foundation is supported and continue to be a benefit to and for our people. I am truly thankful and the Tebughna are blessed to have these volunteers as they embody our cultural values.

The foundation has been and still are striving to get through some tough times, but we are optimistic these setbacks are only stepping stones and we will look back and be able to celebrate the successes in our near future. We want to better support and communicate with our people, and community as we deepen our connections in and with the organizations, social networking, donors and supporters.

Now more than ever we need you and our supporters to stay well connected and engaged as we rebuild and move forward. With that said, TNC has been our biggest support and because of their generous donations we were able to help send 15 tribal members/shareholders to University, 5 members/shareholders to vocational school and provide approximately 70 school age students with supplies! Please help us celebrate these successes by congratulating those around you who are attending higher education and entering a new grade in the Elementary and High schools.

With help and support from you and others we at the Tebughna Foundation are able keep a positive outlook and do our best to see the Foundation strive.


Vide Kroto
Executive Director
Tebughna Foundation


~We’ve come a long way, let’s continue this good work…together~

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