TF Scholarship Awardee – Bernadene Henrie

Good luck and congratulations to Bernadene Henrie who was awarded a scholarship from TF.

My name is Bernadene Henrie, I go by Bernie. I am enrolled in the Business Administration program at Alaska Pacific University and am seeking my associate degree. This semester I completed the following classes:

• Directed Study in Social Media Marketing,
• Organizational Development,
• History and Culture of Alaska Natives and
• The Business of Recreation.

Most of the classes I took were graduate level classes. I currently have a 3.69 GPA. For the fall semester, I am enrolled in World of Music, Documenting Experiential Learning for Assessment and Micro Economics. Documenting Experimental Learning for Assessment will be in place of the Communications credits I need for my associate degree. For this class I will be collecting and submitting various types of correspondence to prove that I have the experience in Communications. I will graduate in December 2019 with sixty-four credits. The most profound class I took this semester was a directed study in Social Media Marketing. It was a six-month online course that I was able to complete in three and a half months. Some of the key items I learned through the course include:

• Using the correct key words,
• Keeping influencers in your field active,
• Planning a year of messages to send keep your audience engaged, and
• Planning a budget.

Ensuring that you include all this information and a few other metrics when you present to executives is key to running a successful campaign. I have also had time to consider furthering my education and seek a bachelor’s degree. I will be applying for that very soon and am already enrolled for classes in the fall that I will need to continue my education in that direction. Additionally, I am at a point where I feel confident that I can re-enter the workforce and continue with my education simultaneously.

It is my hope that my application for funding will be accepted and if there are any missing documents that you will contact me to remedy the situation immediately.

Thank you for your consideration.

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